Sunday, January 22, 2012

Parking Ban Tonight!

There is a parking ban on for tonight in town (8pm), but luckily there is plenty of parking around. Carpooling will definitely help all around! Here is a list of municipal lots you can park in safely...

Foss Street Parking Lot:
5, 7, AND 15 - 21 Foss St. Lots 80 and 84

Community Center Public Parking Lot:
Located at the J. Richard Martin Community Center @ 189 Alfred St. ONLY on the Myrtle St. side.

Clifford Park Public Parking Lot: 
130 Pool St. (off of Alfred St.)

Washington St. Public Parking Lot:
At Washington St. & Jefferson St. 

Gas House Public Parking Lot:
On Water St. between Mechanic's Park & The Waste Water Treatment Facility

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