Saturday, January 21, 2012


Thanks to everyone who came out to make this such a warm, special night! It felt great to pack in so many great people. 

3 pretty different bands made this show really exciting. Completely excellent performances from all three! The first two full bands crammed onto the stage, while Dilly Dilly came accompanied by 2 female harmonists. The three vocals filled out her music to bring up the eerie, sad and romantic quality of her songs, brought to my mind a midnight forest. I understood her music better lastnight, and just how different her music is from anything I've heard. 

Old Soul sounded better than ever. A full band perfectly aligned. This seems to be their true incarnation. Their set felt like a celebration, with much of the room already familiar with each song. Mike O'Hehir's songwriting runs a theme on the sweetness of life, an urge to let everyone in on it's secrets. There's a subtle hint of melancholy under there somewhere which makes the beauty that much sweeter and lifts it to new heights. They began the set in the middle of the room with back up vocalist on piano. A warm welcome for everyone who came out. It lasted the night and sent everyone including myself home happy. 

Brian Carpenter and the Confessions infused the room again. If you haven't heard their music, you need to. Brian Carpenter is an extraordinarily diverse artist. Each of his songs is a complex composition meant to be performed with precision while emitting a darkness and chaos that surfaces mystery from each listener. It is hard to turn away from, like a ghost train speeding through the night, one wants to grip a good look before it disappears. The Confessions as far as I can observe are extremely on point as a brew straight from the soul of Brian Carpenter. 


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