Tuesday, June 14, 2011

we've got a busy week at the oak and the ax! tuesday/tonight we have Old Abram Brown, Old Soul and We are Trees:

then tomorrow wednesday, we have Ed Askew Black Swans and Greg Jamie

then on thursday theres: 

and finally Saturday this amazing show: 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Country/Folk/Punk infused Friday!

Thanks Jesse for making this beautiful show poster!

We're really excited to welcome each of these artists to our venue.
Jesse Pilgrim's album, "Trial and Error" was largely written over one winter in Portland, ME and fully inspired by it. They really are campfire songs, unifying over a hard long winter and maybe getting through, maybe not, but at least we can all sing along.   
OK The Goddamn Rattlesnake. I've been seeing this band grow and change for the last 7 or so years in NY where o'death has been playing with them for just as long.  Our first gig with them was in '05 at the Apocalypse Lounge where we built a small community of like-minded folk-punks and our most recent gig with them was this past year at the Bell House, playing for over 400 people.  These guys are the real deal.  GraveRobbers I don't know personally but they play with the Rattlesnake often and are from North Carolina, so that could only mean good things.  This is a really special night, not to miss.