Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Vermont Joy Parade

"The Vermont Joy Parade is a six piece ensemble featuring banjo, trumpet, accordion, guitar, upright bass, drums/percussion, and vocals, playing a fervent and eclectic blend of old-time, blues, dixieland, cajun, jug, and klezmer."
And back when they played our room in October, felt like the ideal band to bring it to life. That is in fact the feeling their music gives. When everyone including myself left that night we certainly felt uplifted and somehow connected. What a night! You really won't want to miss them..gorgeous musicianship and beautiful, rambunctious voices culminate to such great heights!

Cinder Conk
"Cinder Conk plays music drawn from the Black Sea - the wellspring of Europe’s deepest and most diverse musical traditions. It is the sound of celebration and lament of those who have lived on its coast over thousands of years - Roma, Jews, peasants, and nationalists. Cinder Conk mixes frenzied accordion riffs and thundering double bass counterpoint with a classic bardic lyricism that invites and transcends."

 Oh wow...If you've been in a rut, Friday night might be just the ticket.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Tonight! Ticket sales have ended on brownpapertickets.com (and sold out on there regardless!). If you'd like to make it out for this arrive at 8pm. We can only sell about 10-15 more tickets at the door. Doors will not open except for the bands before 8pm, so please be patient. So extremely excited to have these great musicians here! Looking forward to a magical night!

one of my favs....

*kinda can't believe they'll be playing here....

Sunday, May 15, 2011

"Arrington de Dionyso makes trans-utopian world music for a world that exists in fever dreams and hallucinations. Using performance and visual art, he traverses the nameless territories held between surrealist automatism, shamanic seance, and the folk imagery of rock and roll. Ecstasy vs. Madness.
OLD TIME RELIJUN being presently on hiatus, De Dionyso’s most recent project, MALAIKAT DAN SINGA, is a trance-punk outfit featuring bass clarinet, guitars and his trademark wild vocals (multi-spectral harmonic throatsinging combined with grunts, yelps, and barks) – this time, all sung in Indonesian." (tracertrails.co.uk)

We've seen Arrington live before and it's been totally mind blowing. You can't not move. His music brings about a visceral reaction in the nervous system, so that you can feel how real his music is. Best way to understand it is to watch it performed. So excited to experience his new project in our very own space, what an honor!

Is there a better grouping than this guy with Hyena and id m theft able??!!! 
There is just not!

A night of the senses will be had ladies a gentlemen.

Arrington de Dionyso- Malaikat dan Singa

id m theft able


Brought to us and you by Bryan Bruchman over at Hillytown.com!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

So excited to be hosting this. There's a lot of young talent around here! We saw that at the 18 and under open mic and were stunned. So we're really looking forward to being the ones to host this. And unlike a lot of live music out there, all these songs are homegrown!