Monday, November 29, 2010

last sunday november 21st

surprisingly well attended room for a sunday night. thanks to everyone who came out. Thanks for bringing your friends too guys. Beautiful night. The Powder Kegs brought the room to life and infused the night with energy. I've never heard them live before, great show!
Tica Douglas played a gorgeous set with viola partner in tow. You can tell right away, there's real talent there. Her songwriting is funny and poetically wordy.  I was listening hard to hear all her words. The viola belonged in the songs so naturally and instinctively played to encourage each mood.
A lot of people came to see Robert Sarazin Blake. No one was disappointed. I was really blown away actually. He is sort of a comic and his words spoken and sung have an Irish bent that catches you off guard. He managed to weave observations of local quirks and character into his songs and pre-song banter that made me feel somehow closer to everyone in the room. I've never seen anyone like him before. He has a real genius for utilizing the here and now and makes you feel everything's kind of alright. Cannot wait to have him come back! (He and his girlfriend danced to the other bands music too. Loved that.)

much love and thanks for a great night!

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