Monday, November 29, 2010

I know I'm confusing all of you

Saturday, November 13th!

I just have to write about this show, cause it was so gosh darn fun!
Marie Stella, Hyena, Elephant, BIG MUFF...
Freakin', the best line-up. This show satisfied all my grunge rock yearnings somehow. So much heart in all the music, ecstatic.
Marie Stella was amazing.  Sydney Bourke led the songs with a strong, sexy voice kind of reminiscent of Kristin Hersh but a million times better. They sound like they've been playing together forever. The instrumentals were hard and seductively heavy but so intricate. I love seeing a band that moves to what they are playing, it's so awesome watching that energy just take them. Thanks Bryan for adding another item to our menu! Did we decide on "The Bryan" or "The Bruchman"? That's a black bean brownie with homemade ice cream over the top, warmed up. (Oh, and for our mermaid postcard!)
Hyena.  Seriously Colby, I had no idea.  I was completely captivated from start to finish. The vocals sound like they are tapped directly from the heart and soul. I'm tempted to start comparing them but it would only cheapen what they do. If you missed them that night, keep tabs and catch them when you can. (Hopefully, at our place again soon). There was wildness in their music too, like the cracking of a whip in a storm. Impossible not to get drawn into it.
Elephant was the cherry on top. A mix of beautiful songwriting and visceral energy. Light and dark sounds balanced out the room while reigniting it! Gorgeous.
The night started with BIG MUFF. Totally threw me off guard. One guy, with a color changing light shining up on him, in sunglasses and a hood. I'm apprehensive to start describing his music. I really couldn't stop laughing almost the entire time, just because I couldn't believe how good it was... He moved like you would if you were rapping karaoke style alone in your bedroom. Perfectly placed sound movements and a really keen sensibility for musical switches within the songs. I want him to come play my dream dance party inside my head. A solo electronic wizard!


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