Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Barn Owl // Herbcraft // Drab Pony

September 15th!
This Thursday!
Drab Pony // Herbcraft // Barn Owl

We couldn't be more excited to be having Barn Owl play our space! Coming from San Francisco, here are a few words describing their sound..

"Between rhythmic, turning strums that recall Saharan twilight, radiant synth swells and choral clusters that echo the desolation of deep space, the duo's sound has no doubt ascended from it's desert-rock roots into a new, beaming realm. Evocative as they are, the sounds here aren't easy to tie down to particular imagery. A myriad of influences from blues and raga to the guitar style most often associated with the Tuareg people meld into a new universal sound that can only be described as cosmic and sublime."
Take a listen here..


Follow the link from their label site L'animaux Tryst, to listen to Herbcraft here...


Drab Pony has some music over
But each live performance I have seen has been a new experience.

This is sure to be a night of beautifully crafted music not to be missed!

$7 // 8pm


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