Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Vermont Joy Parade

"The Vermont Joy Parade is a six piece ensemble featuring banjo, trumpet, accordion, guitar, upright bass, drums/percussion, and vocals, playing a fervent and eclectic blend of old-time, blues, dixieland, cajun, jug, and klezmer."
And back when they played our room in October, felt like the ideal band to bring it to life. That is in fact the feeling their music gives. When everyone including myself left that night we certainly felt uplifted and somehow connected. What a night! You really won't want to miss them..gorgeous musicianship and beautiful, rambunctious voices culminate to such great heights!

Cinder Conk
"Cinder Conk plays music drawn from the Black Sea - the wellspring of Europe’s deepest and most diverse musical traditions. It is the sound of celebration and lament of those who have lived on its coast over thousands of years - Roma, Jews, peasants, and nationalists. Cinder Conk mixes frenzied accordion riffs and thundering double bass counterpoint with a classic bardic lyricism that invites and transcends."

 Oh wow...If you've been in a rut, Friday night might be just the ticket.

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