Saturday, January 1, 2011

happy new year!!!!!!
lastnight was so extremely gorgeous! our first time playing and even seeing a show in the famous hogfarm barn! everyone seemed to start piling in at the same time. It was like the ultimate family holiday but with people you can actually get on with! Lots of amazing homemade food around and even some magical home-brewed elixirs! So nice of everyone to not only bring food but put such care into what they made (or bought!). (Who made that hummus!?!) The whole night felt like a dream where you died and this was the party before you really pass over, like a "this is your life" episode with colors and flavors. And reaally good music! 
We followed Wes Hartley which was scary but I felt so inspired by their performance that I was still floating when we went on. 

Favorite voices of the night: Leslie Deane and Jerusha Neely Robinson. They were just calling out to me. And the soft rich sound the barn accentuates, so blissful!!! Just really brought these vocals out for me lastnight. 
I would "cover" more but I have work to do for tonight's show at our place! 

Loved hanging out with all you cats! See you tonight!!!


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