Monday, October 18, 2010

Such an amazing show lastnight!!!

Drab Pony was so captivating. I starting recalling memories of playing in my grandma's backyard as a kid while listening! His music is energizing and deeply relaxing. Have you ever had a cup of tea that's so potent it's almost like doing drugs? That's kind of what it was like!
Trying to get a sound clip off my phone from his performance...

Black Swans couldn't have been better. I think everyone was blown away by every single song. So excited for the Spring when they say they'll be back! Jerry and Tyler have such a chemistry, it's so amazing to watch. Each song was like it's own little movie. I was getting these beautiful little glimpses and it made me want more so I could see the whole picture. You can tell these songs are from a very real place. So superb.
Such sweet guys too!

Lastnight was a night of sweet guys! The five gents of Milagres played an amazing set! I was new to their music, and was so excited to see them play. Their music filled our little room so gorgeously. I sat on the couch in the back for most of it so I could ease back and take it in. There's so much texture in their music, I think if you listened endless times you'd always get something different. BUT it is so light and airy that I think it took them a thousand years to get that effect from these beautifully structured songs. What a pleasure!

I would love to repeat this line up any day!

Thank you Savannah for doing the door lastnight!
Thanks Jeremy for being our sound hero!
Thanks Gil for the constant moral support!

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