Thursday, August 12, 2010

musings on hogfarm studio

as we creep ever closer to an opening date, i feel its important to explain exactly whats going on here. as someone who has had the fortune to tour with my bands all over the country and into europe, i've come to value the venues, and venue owners of smaller communities- the folks attempting to carve out something personal, sometimes something truly weird. the folks who take risks putting themselves out there when there may or may not be an audience for what they do. the thrill is in finding an audience in those smaller communities. somehow it manages to resonate in a way that simply doesn't happen in larger cities.
when you find a venue like that, you remember it. and what gil and coco at hogfarm have been able to do is something truly beautiful and important to me in my daily life. when we heard they were going to close the annex my wife, kristin and i, saw this as an opportunity to attempt to continue on in their spirit, because honestly this is what we want to do with our lives.
our hope is that we can be a fraction of how hospitable and warm they have been to all of you who come through our door. what we can offer is a very select collection of the things we love: the music that means so much to us, the films, art, performances and food that we long to share with all of you.
we are not from maine. but we have somehow always been drawn to it, and look forward to it becoming our home.

thanks for stopping by,

greg & kristin

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